Become a Kea

If your child would like to become a Kea they can attend three sessions without any cost or commitment, as a visitor. If you'd like to join the group you can do so after your third visit

Before your child can become a member of the Group they will need to meet the following criteria

    • Attend three meetings. Please complete the Visitor Registration before your first meeting

    • Learn the Kea Promise

    • Learn the Kea Motto

    • Learn how to do the Scout Sign and Handshake

    • Learn the Kea Yell

Kea Promise

I share, I care, I discover, I grow

Te Kī Taurangi Kea

Ka tohatoha ahau, ka manaaki ahau, ka kite ahau, ka whanake ahau

Kea Promise in New Zealand Sign Language

Kea Scout Values

Have respect (shake hands), Do what is right (make a tick sign), Be positive (thumbs-up sign)

Kea Scout Song

I'm a happy Kea Scout, we like to help you out. We share, we care, we discover, we grow, we have good fun where ever we go

Kea Yell

[Leader] Give me a K

[Keas] K K K

[Leader] Give me an E

[Keas] E E E

[Leader] Give me an A

[Keas] A A A

[Leader] Give me a Kea

[Keas] Kea Kea Kea

[Keas] I am a Kea

[Keas] Hooray [all jump in the air]