Become a Kea

If your child would like to become a Kea they can attend three sessions without any cost or commitment, as a visitor. If you'd like to join the group you can do so after your third visit

Before your child can become a member of the Group they will need to meet the following criteria

    • Attend three meetings. Please complete the Visitor Registration before your first meeting
    • Learn the Kea Promise
    • Learn the Kea Motto
    • Learn how to do the Scout Sign and Handshake
    • Learn the Kea Yell

To join complete the Application to Join form , but first read the What you can expect from SCOUTS and What SCOUTS can expect from you information

Kea Promise

I will try to share my fun and help others

Kea Motto

I share, I care, I discover, I grow

Ka tohatoha ahau, ka manaaki ahau, ka kite ahau, ka whanake ahau.

Kea Yell

[Leader] Give me a K

[Keas] K K K

[Leader] Give me an E

[Keas] E E E

[Leader] Give me an A

[Keas] A A A

[Leader] Give me a Kea

[Keas] Kea Kea Kea

[Keas] I am a Kea

[Keas] Hooray [all jump in the air]