Jamboree NZ22

28th Dec 2019 - 7th Jan 2020

Mystery Creek is a masssive site, and well suited to Jamboree. We had 18 Scouts and a bunch of leaders on the main site and on various bases. We also had senior Scout Marea in the Jamboree Patrol (the youth who test the Jamboree activties before Jamboree, and run the evening events), and Venturer Sasha on the Media Team, taking hundreds of photos for the daily press releases

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Jamboree NZ21

29th Dec 2016 - 7th Jan 2017

Just after the earthquakes, so lots of contigency plans, and mysterious "rope". 18 Scouts from our troop got to go, and plenty of leaders joined in on the main site and bases. A ferry trip accross the straight, and every Scout got a helicopter ride as well. The bus went on a tiki tour around the upper South Island as well, so the Scouts were away for over 3 weeks. Well done!

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Jamboree NZ20

28th Dec 2013 - 5th Jan 2014

The theme for this Jamboree is to provide ‘the experience of their Scout time’ with the main emphasis being on the eMPoWeRment (MPWR) of the Patrol system and support for our awesome Patrol Leaders.

This experience is the highlight of a Scouts time in Scouting. It is the showcase event, demonstrating the fantastic things Scouts can do. Full of awesome activities and loads of fun. It is the patrol system in action empowering scouts to help each other in doing their best. Here they get to meet and greet thousands of other Kiwi and overseas Scouts. It is huge!

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Jamboree NZ19

29th Dec 2010 - 6th Jan 2011

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