This section is for children aged from around 5 1/2 to 8 years of age

Leaders and parent helpers present a highly active weekly program which helps Kea Scouts have lots of fun. A real emphasis is placed on interaction with other children in the Kea Club

The program includes: games, Nature and Outdoor Appreciation, Creative play, Singing, Stories, Craft work

Kea Scouts are able to earn the Kea Award and pursue individual interest badges. These awards and badges are designed to

    • Promote personal development

    • Foster individual interest

    • Foster individual ability

The Kea Section Objectives are to

    • Learn through fun

    • Develop a sense of sharing

    • Give a sense of belonging

    • Provide a means of creative expression

    • Develop a sense of surroundings

Kea Promise

I share, I care, I discover, I grow

Te Kī Taurangi Kea

Ka tohatoha ahau, ka manaaki ahau, ka kite ahau, ka whanake ahau

Kea Promise in New Zealand Sign Language

Kea Scout Values

Have respect (shake hands), Do what is right (make a tick sign), Be positive (thumbs-up sign).

Parents Please Remember

Please remember we appreciate that the Keas arrive on time and are picked up punctually. Keas must be collected from inside the hall for safety