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Casino Night

We have checked dates for clashes with Rugby etc. Best date is Sat 18th of May

Kaukapakapa Hall booked for 18th May


  • "Las Vegas Functions" costs to run the event $1817
  • Hall hire for the night $78
  • Liquor licence costs $64
  • Eftpos costs $135
Total costs: $2094

Potential Income

  • Ticket sales: $20 per ticket x 150 = $3000
  • We can get each of the Las Vegas tables sponsored (10 in total) – sponsorship of a table $180 each = $1800
  • Raffles on the night for more Las Vegas money to win prizes at end of night: $300 approx or more
  • Bar sales – no BYO so it will be a good money maker
Total Income: $5000+

Profit should be: $2900+


  1. Advertise event & Hall hire-age – Josie happy to take this on
  2. Organise supper for the event – all Scouting families to bring a plate – need coordinator for this
  3. Liquor licence organise – maybe Sarah Sharp could do this as she knows what she’s doing J - Linda Cameron holds liquor licence
  4. Sponsorship – Lisa and Dianne Grey happy to do but any other help is great we need sponsorship!
  5. Prizes – Some big prizes, some little but quality prizes – someone to organise this – Glenn may have a Westpac Helicopter simulator experience lined up already but need more prizes
  6. Bar - Glenn and Josie happy to organise
  7. Tickets are supplied by "Las Vegas Functions" but will need someone as a contact for ticket sales and to issue them
  8. About 8 to 10 people to help on the night
This is a pretty easy event to organise as "Las Vegas Functions" have a proven formula, they supply the casino tables and some staff to run the tables

We need everyone to help out though, this would be an easy $3000. We had a great response from doing this with Kaukapakapa PlayCentre (also held at Kaukapakapa hall) and made at least $3000. Since then we have had people approach me asking to organise another Casino evening