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Fundraising for NZ20

We are looking to raise approx $12,000. Even though we are a very well equipped troop, things do wear out and need replacing.

We have already sourced new gas double burners of heavy cast iron as our current ones were starting to get exciting/dangerous, and the folding camping seats as it is cheaper to buy than hire. We still need to source the folding camp beds, and we hope to sell the old tried ones to off set some of the cost, and some general cooking utensils

Things we have planned

  • Scouts flea market sales at the Kaukapakapa Market Day
    • Your contribution welcome, please drop items off appropriately labelled at the hall for a leader to place in the store room
  • Raffle
    • A grocery barrow per term (1500 tickets @ $2 each = $3000 less expenses per term, could be $7,500) 
  • Trivial Pursuit night
    • Sat 3rd August 2013  (2/3 share profit could be $2000)
  • Casino evening 
    • Sat 18th May 2013 (2/3 share profit could be $3000)

Update as at 1st June.

Flea Market going well. Your donations still needed though. Made Aprox $400 so far. Next market day is June 16th 

1st Raffle also went well. Made $2060 after expenses profit. 2 more at least are planned. 1 each term. Need to sell all of the 2000 to max profit

Casino Night off to a false start rescheduled for September 21st

Trivial Pursuits night scheduled for July 6th

Canoe & Kayak Rodney Coastal Challenge is scheduled for November 24th